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How to get to Gramvoussa - Balos with your rental car.

A lot of people are confused and wander if Gramvoussa is the beach or Balos? And why are there 2 names in the same beach?
So Gramvoussa is the island opposite of Balos lagoon . Gramvoussa island is a tourist's attraction due to the existence of a Venetian fortress built around 1584 in order to face the looming expansion of the Turks in the area of Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Gramvoussa was one of the last unconquered bastions and it was the first area of Crete to be liberated from the Turks in 1825.
Drive to Kissamos port and park your rental car. From there you can take daily cruises leaving in the morning and returning in the evening.From mid- June until mid- September, there are also midday departures.
The ticket costs 27€ for the adults and 13,50€ for the children.
There is another option though by renting  a 4X4 or SUV car.In this way you drive 8km off road which ends at a vacant lot place where you can park.On that point you have to hike 2 kms of walking path. We suggest to go there early in the morning (arriving at 8-8.30 and start the walk down) and come back either at 11.30 or in the evening.
Have in mind that the walk down & up is tough and not appropriate for anyone with mobility issues and in height of summer.
In Balos beach there is a small canteen which sells drinks and snacks. Umbrellas and beds are also available for rent.
So put Balos beach in your summer agenda! The beach which is among the Tripadvisor’s top 25 beaches of Europe! Definitely worths the visit.

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