Climate and weather in Crete.

Climate and weather in Crete

Rent a car in Crete and explore this beautiful island!

Crete is dominated by a mild Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and a rainy winter.The transitional seasons are short and usually more noticeable in the mountains.Cretans speak only of summer and winter. But spring is the most pleasant time for a visit.Bathing only begins in May, but the island's flowers in bloom are a splendid sight indeed.Particularly advisable during this period are long walks in coastal regions. 

Those who love the sun and the sea, surfing and night life will find all they need in summer especially when the taverns come alive long after the sun has gone down leaving the night air cool.Daytime temperatures in summer usually hover upwards from 30℃.A gentle northerly breeze cools the northern coast throughout the month of August.The southern coast on the other hand has African climatic traits.The average annual temperature of the drier eastern and southern parts of Crete is generally higher than that of the the western part and the northern coast 

For most people autumn is warm enough.One can swim throughout all of October.Winter begins after Christmas and reaches its climax around January and February. 


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